About Us

I’m Ryan Hodgson, owner and designer of Airforce Velocity Stacks.

I grew up smelling nitromethane, traveling from race track to race track with my dad. I have been involved in motorsports my entire life.  As a young kid, I rode dirt bikes and snowmobiles, and through the years, raced quads on ice/dirt, sprint cars, and late models. Horsepower led me back to my roots of drag racing.

In 2013, I flew down to Las Vegas, NV to attend the Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School to license in a Super Comp Dragster. Before even boarding the plane, I was in the works of purchasing an Alcohol Funny Car. After two exciting and successful years, it was time to step it up again.

In 2014 my dad started building a new Nitro Funny Car and I wasn’t about to let another driver take that seat. Dreams do come true; not only was I going to be driving this new ride, but I was also doing it alongside my dad!!

Since the 2015 season, I have been in the driver seat of the Pacemaker Nitro Funny Car. Our team has had great success, setting both ends of track records in ET and MPH across Canada and the United States, Legends of Nitro 260 MPH Club member, and becoming the 2017 NHRA Funny Car World Champions, to name a few.

To be competitive in any sport, you need to find an edge over your competitors. In drag racing, races are won in the shop.

Through my years of building engine combinations, I discovered how vital airflow is to making power and how critical it is for your cams performance. You can open a valve as long as you want, but if the air is not available for the engine, it is likely not performing at the level you expected.

In 2017, the wheels started turning, how do I get more performance out of my snowbike? Who doesn’t want even one horse more than his buddies?

I spent the next two years studying airflow, designing, fielding testing, and modifying mold after mold to get the most forced air possible delivered to the engine. With our unique design, the results are hard to believe.