Q: Why is it made from rubber?

A: Made of rubber to minimize condensation, keeping the throttle body dryer, decreasing the chance of icing up.


Q: Does It have a place for the breather line?

A: Over the years we have saw many problems with icing up. If you believe you need to hook up a breather line just drill out the nitrous port and use a barbed fitting.


Q: What are the spacers for?

A: Spacers are for maximum performance depending on your bike. If you did not receive a spacer, do not worry, not all bikes require one.


Q: What if I never received a spacer?

A: Not all bikes require a spacer, if you never received one in your kit, you do not need one.


Q: When will stacks be ready for other brands?

A: Kits for Yamaha bikes are already in the works.


Q: Can it be used in the summer?

A: Yes, on asphalt ONLY the Outerwears is only a pre-filter. The stack will touch the side of the shock but should not be a cause for concern.


Q: The stack is touching bike plastic, what do I do?

A: Some trimming may be required, see installation video.


Q: The stack touches the side of the TSS, is this ok?

A: Yes.


Q: What are the ports on the side of the stack for?

A: These are nitrous ports, the only stack we could find in the market with this option.


Q: My cold air temp sensor wires do not reach, what do I do?

A: Take the tank off and reposition your wire harness.


Q: Why is the cage design shaped the way it is?

A: We worked hard to design a cage that flowed well, shed snow, and fit as many bikes as possible.


Q: Did you hurt any engines when testing your stacks?

A: We tested at a 27.00 barometer and we hurt no engines.


Q: Can I use two Outerwears?

A: Yes.


Q: How tight should the cold air temp sensor screws be?

A: They should be snug, they will not fall out. If you are concerned use silicone or Loctite.


Q: Why do you say use a PR2 ECU?

A: Stock engines do not require one, however it helps with over fueling.  If you use a cam or a high compression piston you can add or take away fuel at certain RPM ranges.


Q: Can I use other outerwear brands?

A: We suggest using AEM or Outerwears brand. We have tested other brands and found they lost a significant amount of power.