The Testing



It was imperative for us to provide the consumer with a competitive product.


How did we do this?

We purchased as many of the competitor’s stacks as we could get our hands on and put them to the test.


How were stacks tested?

We took our stack as well as competitor stacks to the flow bench and to the dyno.


What were the Flow Bench results?

We took the stacks to a Flow Bench to do compression testing. The Airforce Velocity Stack came out on top flowing the most CFM.


What were the Dyno results?

Dyno results were impressive, to say the least. The Airforce Velocity Stack had gains up to 11 horsepower and 12 foot-pounds of torque over competitors.


What was the average gain?

The results were all calculated, and the Airforce Velocity Stack has an average of 5.3 horsepower gain across the board.


What was weather during testing?

Testing was completed in various weather and riding conditions, see below for ranges.


Barometer:     23.00 to 27.00

Altitude:          2000 to 6500 ft

Temperature:  5C (41F) to -20C (-4F)

Humidity:        25% to 90%


What competitor stacks were used?

Under no circumstance will we release any name(s) of ANY competitor stacks used during the testing phases.


What are the results saying?

We believe the Airforce Velocity Stack has the most performance gain for your buck, strap it on, go play, and feel the force!